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Virtual Therapy

Thrive Windsor offers individual 50-minute face-to-face therapy through an end-to-end encrypted video conferencing platform to ensure privacy. Virtual therapy allows clients to access their therapist from anywhere with the use of a computer or smart device. Whether it be on their lunch hour, at the office or from the comfort of their own home, a shift to virtual therapy in mental health allows for greater access to mental health services while eliminating the inconvenience of travelling to a therapist’s office.


A meta-analysis of 57 studies including more than 4,300 clients comparing in-person therapy for mental health with video based virtual therapy sessions found that the two modes were equally helpful to patients.


Home-Based Therapy

For an additional travel and convenience fee, Thrive Windsor offers traditional 50 minute in-person therapy to clients in their own homes. This is a great option for clients more comfortable with in-person sessions or those who struggle with or do not possess the required technology to participate in virtual sessions. Before committing to Home-Based Therapy, clients should secure a quiet and confidential space in their home that will ensure privacy and protect against distraction.


Walk and Talk Therapy

Nice day? Lets go for a walk! Walk and Talk Therapy is a great way for therapists and clients to connect in person and outside in the community while enjoying the benefits of exercise at the same time. The Detroit River Walk and Jackson Park are just two places Thrive Windsor clients have enjoyed having their sessions. If this interests you and you have a different location in mind please don't hesitate to bring this option up with your therapist. Additional travel and convenience fee may apply.


Insurance Coverage

Thrive Windsor is an approved provider for most major insurance and benefits providers in Ontario (GreenShield, SunLife Lumino, Medavie Blue Cross etc.) If your employee benefits package states coverage for mental health services provided by a registered Master of Social Work (MSW), then you are covered!



Thrive Windsor offers fair pricing based on the average cost for services in the Windsor-Essex County area balanced with therapist experience.

  • Individual 50-minute Virtual Session: $155

  • Individual 50-minute Home-Based Session: $185 (Additional travel fee may apply depending on location)

  • Couples 50-minute Virtual Sessions: $240 (at home services available for couples counselling for additional travel/convenience fee based on location)

  • Individual 50-minute Clinical Supervision for New Therapists or Therapists in Training: $155

  • Group 50-Minute Clinical Supervision for New Therapists or Therapists in Training: $100pp (pair supervision), $75pp (3 or more)

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